DJ Your Life Specializes in Weddings

Hello, my name is Steven. I provide DJ and Master of Ceremonies Service to couples all over Manitoba.  I am passionate about providing music for important Celebrations. Couples can take advantage of my customized services that are designed to create a dazzling ambiance and take away a little stress from planning such a big life milestone. I love to use my organizational & musical services to help you create and make the most out of those special little moments.


What comes to mind when you think about your Wedding Celebration?

  • Will your Wedding Celebaration be fun?
  • Will your Wedding Celebration be unique?
  • Will your Wedding Celebration be Traditional?
  • Will your Wedding Celebration be Memorable?

Would you like your Wedding Celebration to be Energentic, Lively & Exciting?
Would you like your Wedding Celebration to be Personal & Intimate?
Would you like your Wedding Celebration to be Stress-free, Care-free and Well Organized?

How about Relaxed, Comfortable and Smooth Flowing?

I am a Certified Project Manager through Red River College and have invested time, money and effort in the art of public speaking training. I have developed a methodology that will help keep you on track for your Wedding Day. I have been helping couples with their Ceremony Selections, their Wedding Receptions and all the activities in between. There are so many ways to Celebrate a Wedding that you can be assured that yours will be unique by personalizing the experience.

The best results happen when everyone works together, being open to new ideas and communicating with each other. This is what I believe is the best path to success for any large event.

Tell Me All About Your Special Day

There is some basic information that is needed so that I can get you the information you need. Please click the link below so we can find out more about what your Celebration goals may be 😀