The Celebration Fundamentals

“We need someone to play music”: the first thing we think about when it comes to celebrating.  It’s true I have access to over 10,000 songs at any time.  Not to mention a full library online (when available) for any song requests that fall outside of my lists.

From easy listening, jazz and cocktail music; to country, rock, dance and pop: Every celebration is unique. Unique guests, unique events and unique hosts will ultimately determine what will be played throughout the experience.  

But what else?

  • Do you need someone that is prepared for the tasks at hand?
  • Do you need someone that wants to personally be there to help make your Celebration a success?
  • Do you need someone to go the extra step to help create uniquely engaging memories?

Of course having the right equipment is essential:

  • A clear microphone for introductions, speeches and announcements.
  • Access to wireless microphones and lavaliere microphones when needed
  • A loud enough sound system that will be clearly heard clearly by all of your guests
  • All types of Lighting, from mild to wild

But none of the equipment means a thing, if I can’t relate to you and your guests. #truestory 

Do you need Piece of Mind?

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