What is Up-Lighting and What Does it Do?

Up-lighting or as the pros call it, Architectural Lighting, is how you can change your Celebration Venue’s atmosphere.  Colors can change the how your event will feel.  Take those tired walls that everyone’s seen 100 times before with the dimmed house lighting, and ad your own personal touch.  Some couples love the feel that a completely washed wall looks in hot pink.  Others, just want accent colors on some of the beautiful architecture in the room.  Some just want an accent wall to draw attention to the head table or other important areas being used during the Celebration.

Which ever mood you want to create with Up-Lighting, control is the ultimate weapon.  If set up properly, the person in charge of your lighting can really take command of the atmosphere in the room.  From stationary colors throughout the room, to a virtual lighting storm inside the same space; a properly controlled lighting environment will help engage people on a visual level like never before.

Have a look at the video below that will help explain exactly what can be done.

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