2017 Winnipeg Manitoba DJ Pricing

A Couple’s Definitive Guide to DJ Pricing in Winnipeg, Brandon, Gimli, Steinbach or anywhere in Manitoba

It’s 2017 and you and your special someone have decided to take the plunge into marriage. What better of a way than to truly make it a Celebration to remember than with entertainment! Not only will this be all about the two of you, the people who you’ve chosen to be there will remember the night for years to come.

On average your Wedding day could cost $25000. An educated investment in the entertainment or in someone who will provide you with Wedding DJ Services will ultimately dictate how well your other investments can be truly enjoyed. Below is a breakdown price ranges and what you can (in general) expect to receive for your investment.

The Kijiji DJ Services for $700 and under, Expect

  • An individual who likes to play music as a hobby.
  • They typically are getting their feet wet with Wedding events
  • They are the ones who will ‘just play music’ for you.
  • Do not expect any planning from them
  • They typically will not be confident on the Microphone
  • Most likely no professional Public Speaking experience
  • Their Attire: Probably a bit more casual than the rest of your guests
  • (Don’t expect a properly pressed suit & tie)
  • Their presentation will most likely be a little loose and messy
  • Most likely, they will not bring any backup equipment
  • They most likely will not have Liability Insurance
  • Their Music most likely will not be licensed (so forget having them at any major venue)
  • They will likely charge you by the hour
  • Their music selections and experience will be lacking
  • Most likely have a small amount of references of any type to show you
  • Expect to do a little more planning with your music, and your reception as a whole.
  • Probably will not have a contract or enough interest binding them to your event

The Multi DJ Services Company for $700-$1500; Expect

  • They most likely won’t have a specific DJ to show up for your special day
  • They make money by the quantity of bookings they make
  • Their DJ s will have moderate success at their previous events thanks to standardized playlists
  • They know how to play a bit of music, but won’t have any technical experience with the equipment they are using (if something goes wrong, they’ll be calling head office for help)
  • They won’t help with any of the planning for your reception
  • They will help with a bit of the announcements though they’re demeanor will not be polished
  • Their attire will look presentable
  • They will have a standardized setup and have backup equipment from the office
  • They will make venue staff wait for equipment pickup however (be careful with that)
  • They will have Liability Insurance & Licensed Music
  • They will still charge by the hour and for other add-ons (lighting etc)
  • They will offer you paperwork where you can fill out your music requests but don’t expect a lot of planning outside of their set playlists
  • They will use Contracts and be committed to your event.
  • Gets bookings 2-6 months ahead of time

The Wedding DJ who is charging $1500 – $2500

  • They typically are single operators who have dedicated themselves to a professional process
  • They likely will have 5-10 years experience with weddings
  • They will meet with you to understand what it is that you’ll want and need to happen during your ceremony and reception
  • You can expect that they have invested in training for public speaking, specifically for the role of Master of Ceremonies
  • They will know their music inside and out
  • They will make the effort to make any customized requests a reality
  • They will help you plan/organize your reception for the best flow
  • Their attire will be crisp and clean with pressed suits and ties
  • They will mingle with your guests to ensure everyone can share in the experience
  • They will be able to professionally and respectfully take care of all microphone duties necessary.
  • At this point, they will generally include everything necessary to get the job done such as extra satellite speakers for larger rooms or ceremonies, wireless microphones and lavaliere microphones for the ceremony, backup equipment etc.
  • They will be insured and have their music licensed
  • Lighting will be included and any extras that may necessary
  • Expect them to spend a significant time planning with you, and organize any requests you may have prior to the big day (20+ hours)
  • They will have references and will share them without hesitation
  • Gets bookings 9-12 months ahead of time

The premium Wedding DJ who is charging $2500-$4000+

  • The utmost personalized service typically from a single individual who will perform at your Wedding Celebration
  • They will have a large amount of experience with Weddings and will be able to offer solutions to your unique tastes
  • They will meet with you several times to organize and plan out your reception
  • They will typically be the Master of Ceremonies for your day and help keep the show on the road by previously organizing with you so that the timing stays on point
  • Being organized and getting to know you will open the doors to other opportunities like sharing your unique Story
  • The Love Story is something that only someone with a trained skill in writing and presenting can do
  • They may have a second DJ/MC on hand to help with their duties so they can maximize their efforts for you
  • They have taking training to polish their presentation skills in front of a microphone so they can command a room and properly entertain your closest friends and family members
  • Their equipment looks sharp
  • Their lighting is fully controlled and size is no limit
  • At this price range most things are inclusive
  • They have references and will take any time necessary to prepare for your big day
  • Gets bookings 12-24 months ahead of time


Some companies can add other components upon your request. TVs, Video walls, Photobooths, singers, dancers and so much more. Depending on the level of experience, and your expectations, you can go from mild to wild for your wedding.

In Closing

I would like to thank Stefan Jez for the inspiration to do this blog.

For Manitoba, these are generalizations that I have made during my career. There are always exceptions to the rule. I personally encourage you to meet with your DJ. It will be one of the first tests to see if they are a good fit for you or not.

The categories I listed out should at minimum help you think about what is going to be important to you when you think about your Celebration in Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach or anywhere in Manitoba.

If you are looking for someone who Specializes in Weddings in Manitoba, that can make an Entertaining Impact for your Wedding Reception, you can contact DJ Steven P here to arrange a moment to meet with each other.


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