Top 3 Ways To Sell Out Your Event


I’ve been hired to provide music and entertainment for clients and their events.  Some times the turn out can be very low in numbers.  Here in Manitoba, our Wedding Socials are events where we can generate money for the Bride & Groom to be and their inevitable Wedding Celebration.  However, the attraction of the Social event in itself, is no longer a mandatory attendance for most people.

Follow this simple formula for the best results in a market that’s been over done.

13434853_10153446264275059_4358735255112412747_n1) Sell Tickets

It’s obvious that you should sell tickets.  Sometimes the sales do not add up however.  Want to sell more?  Try selling way in advance.  You should be selling your tickets 6 months in advance. This ensures you meet with every prospective attendee.

A good way to break the ice with a prospective ticket buyer is to start by asking “Hey, do you have $10?” They will most likely reply “I do actually!”  Then you say “Great, here’s a ticket to my Social (or whatever event)!”

My recommendation is to over sell your space.  And be conscious about how many people you think you can actually attract.  Don’t go searching for the biggest venue because it may have come with an easier price point.  If you only can think of 100 friends, and think you can sell two tickets each, then that’s only 200 people that may attend.  Do you need a hall that can hold 500 people?  Most likely not.  There are halls for all sizes of audiences.  You should pick the one that best suits your needs.

Over sell by at least 100 tickets.  This will ensure you have a buffer to fill the gaps for the people that are only looking to purchase ‘support tickets’ or can’t make it after the purchase of the ticket.

2) Put the Right Info On Your Ticket

Does your ticket have a link to your Facebook Event page that you created? (you did create one didn’t you?)

Your tickets should have a link to your event page.  Build some community around this event.  The more professional it looks and feels, the more enticing the event will look to people whom you may not even know that might attend.  Seriously!  Ever seen that a friend of yours is going to a show that you didn’t know existed?  You know, those notifications you see on Facebook!  Now imagine if people saw that you were going to an event that looked like a lot of fun, with an enticing cover photo that showcased your unique theme for the event etc.  I bet more people would be intrigued.

Your ticket should also state the theme of your event if you’ve chosen one.  Maybe even a goofy picture of you and your fiance!  Why not engage people right from the beginning?

Wedding Social DJs3) Follow Up With Everyone

So you sold how many tickets to how many people?  Take the steps necessary to follow up with people.  Ensure them that it it would truly mean a lot to you if they were to come.  This isn’t a ploy.  It’s a very true statement.  I know personally, that I would love to see all my friends enjoy and be entertained at what I have put together for us.  I know that if they were not to come, that I would be saddened.

If you know they are on Facebook, make sure they know where to find the event page and remind them that you are expecting to see them there.  There you can post pictures of your prizes that you’ve put together and remind everyone of what kind of fun they can be having.

I would highly recommend checking out my blog “The Average Social is Dead“.  There you can find more tips on spicing things up for your event!


If you’re getting married next year, make sure to attend EVERY social you get invited to.  Why you ask?  Because when it comes time to ask those same people to attend your social, you can easily and confidently state (in maybe a not so direct way) that you attended theirs, so you’ll expect to see them at yours 🙂 #reciprocity


Did this help?  If so comment below!

Steven Petznik
Redefining the Celebration Experience