Average Will Not Cut It

Death to Average Socials

Have you ever gone to a social out of courtesy? Ever been to a social where you heard the same songs played the same way?  What about sitting down at a long table with a few strangers not knowing how they knew the couple? Or how about not knowing many people there at all? I think we all have 🙁

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What would make things more engaging?

From the moment you have a ticket in your hand, you should already know what kind of event you are in for. The best way I’ve seen this done is ‘Personalized Tickets’. A ticket in my hand with a fun/funny picture of the couple that I am inevitably helping, I know they want to have a good time.

At the tables, I would love to see a couple of pictures of the couple engaging in some of their favorite things, or why not some old school pictures of themselves? Really. How hard would it be to create a Walmart Photo Center account to print out a handful of 4×6 pictures to place on the tables? 80 pictures at $0.10 each would go such a long way. And that’s not to say that you have to have 80 different pictures. Maybe 10-20 and make duplicates. Done.

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What about your favorite things to do?

Are you competitive? Why not bring something to the social that can really help them get engaged? Beer Pong, Flip Cup, or even a Video Game area would be a lot of fun to bring you above average! If competition is not your thing, why not a photo-booth? You can rent the service out, or you can ask someone in your wedding party to help out.

And we haven’t even talked about the music and DJ yet. Although they will be on hand for entire night, they should know that you want more! They work with what you give them. If you give them average, they have to work harder to bring that level up a notch. If you start ‘above average’ then you have a better chance of success. If you want the best chance at anything, you could hire a company that helps you stand out right from the beginning (oh wait, you’re only a couple steps away from that!)

Got any other examples of what can be done to make your Social above average?  Comment below 😀

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